Dept 56 Samples: Hasbro Easy-Bake Bakery, Hasbro Easy-Frost Frosting (set of 2)


Sample versions of Easy-Bake Bakery and Easy-Frost Frosting accessory

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When Department 56 is getting ready to productionize a building, during the proofing stage, sample buildings are created to solidify color schemes and identify production issues. Interestingly, there may be slight variations in the samples from the finalized product. For sale is a set of two fantastic Department 56 samples of the recently retired 2015 Easy-Bake Bakery and Easy-Frost Frosting accessory. This building varies from the production version in two ways: the oven knobs above the door are gray instead of gold and the handle bar above the top window of the oven on the left is green instead of silver.

Since sample versions are created before production variants are finalized, they do not have a styrofoam encasement or sleeve. These will be carefully wrapped and shipped to you in a sturdy box.

The bakery is modeled after the popular Hasbro Easy-Bake oven, old-school style. And of course, there’s a giant light bulb inside–don’t try to bake anything in this house, though! The accessory features an elf mixing some batter.

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